First Post

Ha Ha.  Hi! First post for the dreamer! :)

So, geez, where do I begin?
Ok, well I should start by sharing with y’all that my dreams ARE coming true!!! :)
The funny thing is that I started this blog because of a blog my friend created! She asked me to share a “FabBooWowU” moment: A moment when you achieved a personal victory or triumph that has WoWed U!
I thought to myself that I have many FabBooWowU moments and I’d like a collective place to share them all, but more importantly, they are mostly dreams that have or are coming true and so, VOILA! Here we are! 
So, here’s my FabBooWowU moment that started it all…
I went to Jamaica in February of ’08 to stay with a friend who had a home there, and two days into the trip, we didn’t get along too well and I ended up solo on the beach of Negril for the remainder of my stay.   
I was a mess with the situation.  I didn’t know anyone in Jamaica, had never been to Negril before, (though I had always dreamed of visiting), I had a rental car that I was afraid to drive (they drive on the left), and I had 6 days left!  
That’s when I called my FabBooWowU friend, Regina, and she convinced and ‘coached’ me to stay, to chat up the locals, to go visit different places and enjoy! After all, I was in Negril, one of my dream cities to visit, while it was COLD and SNOWY in NYC! 
So, I stayed and here’s what happened…
I was referred to the hotel I stayed in by someone I met in the beginning of the trip and she put me in touch with the hotel manager.  Shortly after I arrived to the hotel, the hotel manager, Domain, came to my room and introduced himself and he was great!  I explained the mess that had me end up at the hotel and he said, “Come to the bar and let me buy you a drink!” And so I went to the bar, which was right on the beach, had a drink and shared. He was a listening ear that I needed at that time and he did just that! 
Later that evening, the girl who recommended the hotel came by for conversation too! I was not alone, at all! 
The next morning I woke up and had a fabulous breakfast on the beach, took some sun, chatted up some people at the hotel and these great girls befriended me and invited me to hang out with them that night! It was a great night too! I met this cool author, Roland Reimer who wrote a book called “Walk Good” which is a book about his travels to Negril! So, I learned all about Negril and what’s good!
The next day was also amazing! Not only did I run into the same people I met the night before and share breakfast and lunch with them, but I also decided to go jet skiing and it was a blast! I had a waterproof camera with me so I took some video of the island too! Fun stuff!
Then, in the evening while I was sitting at dinner, I noticed another young lady sitting and eating by herself.  I asked Domain who she was and the introductions were made! I became fast friends with Shantelle, a beautiful and cool chica from CA! She was also traveling alone and we hit it off instantly! We hung out that night and the rest of the nights that we were both there! I even extended my trip a day so I could hang out with her a little longer! :)
Since returning to NYC, I have stayed in touch with just about everyone I met on that trip! The girl who referred me to the hotel has visited me in NYC and I have returned to Jamaica 3 times since, twice to meet up with Shantelle, once I met up with Roland and Domain has always been there for assistance, if I needed it!
So, a vacation that started out not-so-great, turned out to be the best vacation I had ever had! A true FabBOOWowU moment, and what’s even better is that it all started because I had always dreamed of going to Negril!!!
What has evolved since then is my dream of traveling more! Not only have I been back to Jamaica 3 times, but I was invited by Shantelle to hang with her at Sundance this year in Utah, I travelled to London, Cyprus and Wales to visit friends (I saw one friend in London who I met on ANOTHER trip to JA too), and next month I’m meeting Shantelle in Turks & Caicos!!! 
So, I’m here to say, dreams DO come true!
Do you have a dream that has come true? Please comment and share!
‘Til next time, thanks for reading, welcome to my blog and Happy Dreaming!!!

One Comment on “First Post

  1. You are so INSPIRING, Lisa Eve!! Way to stay in the moment and trust the process- and look at all the friendships and adventure that came from that moment of bravery!!Keep on posting!!

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