Yeah baby, I’m back!

Ok, let’s talk about Turks & Caicos!

The beach was gorgeous, it was great seeing Shantelle, I got a great tan and we took a lot of fun pictures! Yay!
End of story.
Was that all? No! Of course not! Well, maybe…
Ok, so it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, at least not to me. I don’t want to talk bad about Club Med, so I’ll leave it at that it’s not the happening singles spot it used to be! However, if you’re in a couple and you’re athletic, it’s great! Lots of activities, and did I mention the beach is GORGEOUS? Seriously, the sand is perfect, fine, white and pillow-y and the water is crystal clear!
Heaven!!! I’ve been to many beaches and I have to say this is by far the most gorgeous beach I’ve ever seen! So, if you like ‘da beach, you must check it out! ;)
Well, since we like to talk about dreams on here, let me share with you my dreamy story!
It was my first day on the beach…
I had landed at 12p, and by 3p I was already taking some rays. Off in the distance, me and my girlfriend could hear reggae music and since Jamaica/Reggae is really our first love, we couldn’t resist dancing to the tunes! Well, in fact, it was a yacht playing those sultry sounds and Shantelle’s great moves enticed the Captain to jump ship and swim our way! Before we knew it, we were asked if we wanted a ride! Yes we sure did! Ha Ha!
So, as we climbed aboard, you would never guess it, but the name of this beautiful vessel was “Dream Aweigh”!
And that’s exactly what happened as Shantelle and I took off from the beach of Club Med! We danced, chatted with the Captain, Kenard ( and his brother, took some great pictures and got to see a little more of the island!
It was the perfect way to start a dream vacation!
So, that’s my dreamy story…
That’s all folks!
Awww, did you say you wanted to hear more?
Well, unfortunately I don’t think I have much else to share! :(
I knew as I sat down to write that this would be a quick blog, so maybe I could have prefaced with “Something dreamy happened, but search elsewhere for juicy details.” :P
Um, and in case you’re wondering…the G.O’s didn’t necessarily live up to my expectations. Nice guys, but nothing like I had imagined when I heard those stories from my childhood friend. Awww, shucks, darn!
Anyway, I’ll be back shortly to share with y’all about more dreams I’ve been having, so stay tuned!
BTW, have you had any dreamy vacations you’d like to share?
I would love to hear about them!
‘Til next time, thanks for reading and happy dreaming!

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