What happened in October?

So more than a month has passed! Where have I been?

October was a GREAT month!
Part I – I had a Birthday!!! Another year older, and feeling like another year younger!!!
This was the first year, that as an adult, I had a birthday party! For years I had dreamed of having a big birthday celebration, but honestly, I was afraid no one would come! Seriously!!!
So, years passed and I’d celebrate with my family and some friends for dinner and drinks, but this year I put my foot down! :)
Not only was it a big deal for me to have a party, but a friend asked if she could share my night with her and her friends, since her birthday was right around the corner! Now, let me tell you, at first I thought “hell no!” I had finally got the courage to have my “own” party and I wasn’t going to share it with anyone! LOL!
The more I thought about it, I realized it wouldn’t be very “adult” of me not to share! Like, ‘go play in your own sandbox!!!’
Ha ha! No, that wouldn’t work for me.
So, I welcomed her and her friends, and we had a huge birthday blowout!!! We reserved space in a small lounge on the Lower East Side and though it rained that night and the Yankees were playing, we had about 40-50 friends come through and celebrate! It was special, loving, fun, joyous and everybody had a great time!
My dream to have a great birthday party was fulfilled AND I met so many new and wonderful people, that it was better than I ever could have imagined!!!
So, not only did the line, ‘sharing is caring’ provide plentiful results, but it also enriched my experience! Mission accomplished! :)
And so my friends, that is Part I of where I was in October…
Tune in for Part II, arriving soon! :)
‘Til then, thanks for reading and Happy Dreaming! :)

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