What happened in October? Part II

So, here we are with Part II!

I told you you wouldn’t have to wait long to find out the rest of the story! ;)
Ok, not only did I have a great birthday celebration, but I finally feel like I have arrived.
You are probably asking yourself, “what does she mean by that?”
Well, I’m going to speak to the women here…
Women, have you ever asked yourself, “When will be the day I am going to feel comfortable in my own skin, secure and confident with who I am as a woman?”
If you have, then you know exactly what I am talking about.
For years I have been very critical of myself. I’d harshly judge my body, cry when I looked in the mirror, stay home when I’d really rather be out, fake a sickness when I didn’t feel I was good enough to be at a party, etc. Not fun!
Well, in the week preceding my birthday, I was with an incredible group of people in Los Cabos, Mexico. We were there to “Transform Yesterday’s Strategies.” (This is a vacation course offered through Landmark Education.) While half the time it was great to be in Mexico and be sipping Coladas by the pool during the day, it was in this course that I grew up into the woman I always wanted to be! (And always knew that I was!)
I discovered in this course that I had been living with a “strategy” that a 13 year old girl made up. Essentially, without going into too much detail, when I was 13 I made up that I was undesirable, shameful and needed to cover myself up. Having discovered that this was a strategy made up by a child (and my brain was not fully developed either) it was a RELIEF to let it go! As a result, I now had this new open space for me to step into and create whoever I wanted to be!
So, with this new year in my life, this new celebration of my life, I created being a beautiful, loving, lovable, inspiring and creative woman! :)
What fun, right?
And then Halloween was coming up so I was going to have the opportunity to put my body issues to rest and wear a sexy costume! Yay!
After asking several men in the costume store which costume they liked best, I went with “Air Force Angel.” It was a one-piece jumper, with buttons up the front, short sleeves and piping down the legs of the suit. It hugged my body too, so any issues with lumps and bumps would just have to take a back seat on this one! I even considered at one point to wear a body slimmer, but knew that I would not be honoring the new woman I am! So, I put it on, and then courageously stood up in a room of 200+ people and shared that it was a breakthrough for me to wear the costume! What a feeling!
I got lots of compliments that night, but since we’re talking about dreams here, let me say this is my biggest dream realized thus far. Dreaming of the day when I can say I feel comfortable in my own skin and that I am a beautiful woman (with conviction) is a true blessing and accomplishment.
So, October was a very full month as you can see! Birthday surprises galore!!! I apologize for not sharing sooner, but I’m back now! :)
And now we’re in November! Ooh, Thanksgiving is coming up! I wonder what dreams will be fulfilled this month! Stay tuned! :)
‘Til next time, thanks for reading and Happy Dreaming! :)

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