Being patient is the key…

Well, I really did not want to become one of those bloggers who has a great start and then falls off. However, I can see that is what happened to me!

I had all these great things happen, all these wonderful dreams coming true, and then I hit a rough patch. Did I really want to write about these rough times on my blog? Not at all! This is a place of dreams, not disappointments!

However, there is a silver lining in every cloud, so I got that it was time for me to start blogging again! Besides, I love to write and who better to share my ups and downs with than all of you! ;)

So, I just wanted to begin with a special “Thank You” for all of you who still read my blog. As sporadic as it is! :)

The last few months I have definitely been on a journey. A self-exploration if you will…
Where did I last leave off? Um, I think it was that I was moving, right? Right. I thought this was going to be a piece of cake, chocolate cake at that. :)

I started in January, with about 3 trips to Miami. Then I came down again in the beginning of February and haven’t left yet.

I ‘thought’ I was only going to be in town for a few days, that it was going to be NO PROBLEM for me to find a place, write the check and have a move date. No such luck. I’ve been down here almost a month! (Thankfully I’ve had a place to stay too!)

So what have I learned and why is it taking me so long?

In the last few weeks I have narrowed down where I want to live. At first, I was looking in Midtown and Brickell. Then I looked in Downtown. I wasn’t satisfied. What I realized was that, I didn’t want to look at another building and I really wanted a sunset view with water.

After about a week, I decided I wanted to be back on the beach. What I mean by “the beach” is living on South Beach. (Yes, it’s hot, sultry and fun just as you would imagine.) ;) However, with the views that I want, I will be living on the bay, which is the bay side of South Beach.

Since I used to live on South Beach, with the same sunset and water views, I know exactly which buildings, and lines in the buildings I would like. The tricky part is, can I get what I want for the price I want to pay?

I’ve seen lots of places that would work for someone who just wants a place, but I don’t just want “a place”. Even if I’m only renting something for a year, I want it to feel like my home. A year can go very quickly, but if I’m unhappy, it will feel like eternity.

That’s where the meat of the journey comes into play. I’ve discovered that finding my dream pad can be correlated to finding my dream man, dream job or anything else I want to create in my life.

What do I want? Where am I willing to compromise? What are my non-negotiables? I have to be clear about what I want and what works and doesn’t work in my life. I have to trust my gut and intuition.

Being patient has been key and I’ve discovered that I have no patience. Lol!

A few times, after making offers and being rejected or just waiting for something to come on the market that I’d want to see, I wanted to run away! Like go on a mini-vacation! I was restless, frustrated, depressed, questioning if this was the ‘right’ choice, and simply miserable.

I’d go out to see a place, make an offer and wait. I’d be anxious, nervous, excited, fantasizing about all the parties I’m going to throw, and then I’d find out my offer wasn’t accepted. Or I’d see a place, think it could be the one, take my time and then present an offer only to find out an offer was already accepted. I’ve discovered that a “maybe” is a “no”. If I know it ain’t “the one”, I need to trust my gut and move on.

It hasn’t been easy, but thankfully I have great friends, so anytime I feel like crap, I call them. :)

So, I’ve learned a lot. Like the tiny red flags that go up when a Realtor says “you can fix it and give the owner a bill” before I’ve even moved in. I want an owner who has integrity from the beginning. Or, finding out the owner lives in another country and travels a lot. What happens when I need something to be fixed?

There are a lot of details, but now that I know clearly what I want, waiting doesn’t seem that bad. Just like knowing my dream man will show up when the time is right, so will my dream pad! Yes, I wish I was already living in my new home and decorating. :) I’m sure my friends in NY wish the same. I just have to remember that everything I want is worth fighting for and it’s worth being patient.

So, as I continue to dream of my new diggs, I remain thankful that I haven’t settled! I know what I want and ain’t gonna stop ’til I get it! :)

What dreams have you stopped dreaming about because you settled for something less? Have you ever given up on your dreams because you didn’t have patience?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please post your comments! And if you’d like to guest blog, please let me know! :)

‘Til next time, thanks for reading and Happy Dreaming! :)


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