Surprises Everywhere!

I just got back from a week in my third home, Negril, Jamaica.  (My first is NY, and second Miami.)

I love Negril; the people, the weather & beach, and the music.  Whenever I need to clear my head, I go there.

So, I needed to clear my head.  My plans in Miami weren’t looking the way I wanted them to, so I was outta there.

However, before I left my friend said, “Lisa Eve, why don’t you work as hard as you can to find the place of your dreams before you go, so you can feel like you earned this trip?” And so I did.

Within 2 days of booking my trip (5 days before I departed), I found a place.  I saw it online while doing a random search, not at all what I was previously looking for and when I saw it, it was like love at first sight! My heart started to race, I had butterflies in my stomach.  It was exactly what I had originally wanted when I planned to move – 6 months, 1BR,  fully furnished, nicely decorated, renovated, on South Beach, with water views,  with washer/dryer in unit, garage parking, and in a great location.  I printed out the lease right away and then slept on it.

A few days prior I had decided I was going to put in an offer for another place and did so the next day, even though this other place stole my heart.  And thankfully, my offer was countered, and I countered back, and while I waited for a response, I called the Realtor of the place I fell in love with and in one simple conversation, I withdrew my counteroffer.  I sent a signed lease to the Realtor that night (and I still hadn’t even seen the place!)

I saw my dream pad 2 days before I left for Jamaica, and knew I could relax on my trip.

At this point I am just waiting for the condo board to approve me.  And since I know patience is the key, I’m being patient.

Now for my second surprise.

It was my sole intention to go on this trip and just relax.  Maybe I’d go dancing a few nights (the night scene is great), hear some great music, get some sun, swim in the pristine clear waters, meet some new people, but I definitely was not looking for any hookups.

I had no interest in meeting any men, for friendship or otherwise.  LOL.  However, God had other plans for me.

It was my second day there and I was hanging out with 2 girlfriends of mine from NY. (I met them there.)

One of my friends had a guy she was hanging with and he called his cousins to hang out too, so me and my other friend had someone with whom we could chill.

Well, when one of his cousins arrived at the gate of our hotel, I called “dibbs”! LOL! Again, I wasn’t looking for anything, but I thought well, I’m just gonna roll with the punches.  I have no expectations, it could be fun and well, “what happens in Jamaica, stay in Jamaica.”  LOL.

The silhouette of this man told me everything I needed to know.  LOL!

He was broadly built, about 6 feet tall, and dressed in clothes that flattered him, stylish.  He had a car, a jeep of sorts, like a buggy jeep, and I loved it! He walked over and said hello.  His walk was confident, easy, cool.  His voice was smooth,  friendly, but still manly and easy to understand! Ha! So many times, I have no idea what a Jamaican is saying, lol. 

He came to the porch where we were all sitting and let the connection begin! :)

In just a short period of time in conversation, again, I knew all the things I needed to know.  He was smart, kind, respectful, fun, educated, trusting, mature, funny, gorgeous, disciplined, self-sufficient, sweet, genuine, special and the list goes on.

We ended up spending a lot of time together, seeing him everyday until I left!

What was great about meeting him is that in my mind I had an “ideal man list” and he shattered it.  I had it that my ideal man had to be of a certain race (white), came from a certain background, that he was of a certain age, was established to a certain degree and that list goes on too.  However, I can say confidently that this man had many of the qualities I was looking for, he just wasn’t white.   

Now, I just want to clarify something.  I’ve dated black men in the past.  This is not a new experience for me, but I guess at some point in time I thought I’d marry a white man.  (Maybe because I thought it would be easier?) Race was never an issue for me, but having been in interracial relationships, it was never easy.  Society as a whole still doesn’t accept it, and it mostly felt like I always had to prove myself.  A constant uphill battle.  Can love get you through? That is the question.

Hands down though, he is the best man I’ve met to this day, black or white.  I was treated like a Queen.  Anything I needed, he took care of me.  I felt completely comfortable with him.  I felt protected, safe, special.  Instantly I felt I could trust him. 

(FYI, for the men of my past who are reading this, you were great, and you were the best man for me at the time I was with you. ;) )

I don’t know where things will go now that I am back in FL, since neither one of us were ‘looking’ for a relationship, but I’m open.  (Afterall, Miami is only an hour and 13min flight to Jamaica!)

Regardless, my eyes were opened and I was forced to see that there is beauty beyond my own ideals.

So, do dreams come true? Yes they do!!

I have been dreaming of finding my dream pad, and I found it.

I have been dreaming of meeting a man who treats me with total respect and consideration, and I met him.

What dreams do you have that are coming true?

I’d really love to hear about them!

‘Til next time, thanks for reading and Happy Dreaming! :)


2 Comments on “Surprises Everywhere!

  1. This is cool. I was looking for some inspiration and I am glad you posted this message. Good wishes toward your dreams and love. Everyone deserves to have what they want in life and I am proud that you are going for what you see fit for you. Grab it up and enjoy!!
    PS I am being courageous and loving and that is a part of my set of dreams plus I am creating my day each day thus far. I am happy about this and looking forward to other growth markers in my life to be achieved. Good blog. I will pass it along.

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