Coming Back, Reinvented!

I’ve been on hiatus, I realize.  Have you missed reading posts?

I apologize for my absence!

Knowing that I write really long posts, I’ll keep this one brief, but give you the scoop.  ;)

My stay in Miami was short.  While I loved to be back amongst friends and hot weather, something was missing.

I set out on a spiritual and self-discovery journey and so, shortly after getting settled, I headed to LA to take some courses to expand my professional and spiritual education.  I received Certifications in Life Coaching, Weight Loss Coaching, Social & Emotional Coaching, Motivational Coaching AND I’m also a Certified Angel Practitioner! :)

Fun times!

Well, while I was in LA there were ‘signs’.  Signs that a trip to Hawaii might be in my future. 

I had always dreamed of going to Hawaii and knew that I was that much closer if I chose to go from CA, so I went! :)

What unfolded in Hawaii was pure bliss…

I was treated like a Queen, completely taken care of, stayed in wonderful accomodations, had a great tour guide and had a magical time! I stayed on Oahu most of the time, and also took a day trip to the Big Island to see the active volcano Kilauea!

Before my trip to Hawaii was complete, I made a quick journey to Maui and on my 2nd day there I discovered I was destined to live there!  Seriously!! It all felt “right”.  The ‘signs’ were everywhere! Spiritually, I could further develop myself and I could do Life Coaching from where ever! While it may be far from everyone and everything I knew, I was onboard with moving to Maui!

So, I came back to Miami, packed up my stuff, and headed back to Maui within 3 weeks time!

And here I am, writing to you from my temporary diggs on Maui.  :)

I came out here on blind faith that all would be okay, and so far it has been wonderful! And, I can’t believe I’m living in Hawaii!! A dream come true! (I really couldn’t ever see this happening! Total surprise!)

Since I’ve been here, I’ve been developing and preparing to move forward on my life path.  It’s very exciting!!

So, that’s where I’ve been…on an adventure!

My posts will come, just please bear with me.  There’s lots going on! ;)

If you are on Facebook, please join my new fan/’like’ page called The Happy Channel.  This is a place to share what makes you happy, whether it’s music, quotes, photography, traveling, friends and/or anything else that brings a smile to your face!  You might also be inspired by what other people share too! :) A website of the same name will follow soon and will include posts from this blog! :)

‘Til next time, thanks for reading and Happy Dreaming! :)


2 Comments on “Coming Back, Reinvented!

  1. Have been wondering how you’re doing – please keep us posted!! You’re so inspiring!

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