Finally Found A Home! (And it’s dreamy!) ;)

Aloha! :)

So, you’ve been patiently waiting to hear what’s been going on, and now I can share!

After moving 14 times since arriving on Maui, I have FINALLY found a place to call home! I moved for my 15th time yesterday into a FABULOUS and BEAUTIFUL home.  Granted the lease is for 6 months, I’m just happy to not have to pack up again in 2 days!

Some of it is a bit surreal.  First of all, I live on Maui.  Secondly, I’ve been living out of a suitcase for nearly 2 months moving on average every 3 days. Thirdly, this place was the first one I looked at (in person) and knew instantly it was my home. I filled out the application immediately, and the very next day I signed a lease, got the keys and voila!!

The best part is that it’s everything I’ve dreamed of in wanting a home! Direct ocean views, gorgeous sunsets every night, STAIRS (I can get exercise without leaving home!), it’s beautifully furnished, beautiful community, living on an island, need I say more? :)

Also, during my moving around the island phase, I took a brief trip to the mainland to take a Mediumship course.  Yes, this is part of my life path! I’ve been really eager to start learning how to communicate with spirits (I had this gift as a child) and all the teachers I had met here had told me once I get settled to call them.  Well, I didn’t want to wait to learn, so I hopped a plane and headed back to Laguna Beach, the place where all my dreams began! :)

I took a Mediumship Certification course with Tina Marie Daly and it was just what I needed! I learned so much and became confident in my ability to give readings! Actually, it just confirmed that I do have this gift (still) and it’s real!! So exciting! :) Also, I met a bunch of really amazing and cool women! So, I got 2 for the price of 1! ;)

So, now I’m a Certified Medium! (The Certifications just keep growing and growing!) Maybe next I’ll learn Reiki! :)

In any case, that’s my update! :) I’m very happy with how things are going.  It’s not always easy, but the reward is magnificent. :)

Life Is Good. 

‘Til next time, thanks for reading and Happy Dreaming! :)


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