It be that time…

Aloha et al!

I’ve been feeling the need to write so here I iz. :P

It’s a beautiful Sunday on the island of Maui and several things have already occurred between yesterday and today. I have authentically expressed myself to a few people and thus have ‘unfriended’, been blocked and newly ‘friended’ a few people on Facebook, I have spoken briefly with a friend who I haven’t talked with in months, I turned on the TV for the first time in a long time to watch men’s gymnastics (they are all so awesome!) and I stayed up half the night racking my brain about how to communicate with someone who takes integrity lightly in our friendship.

So, already you can see this is starting off as a ‘different’ kind of post. Ha!

What I’ve been experiencing lately is my acute awareness of how sensitive I’ve become to people’s words, actions, feelings and even thoughts. Yup, I said it. Thoughts have energy and I’m sensitive to energy. I can feel when someone is thinking negatively about me or “cursing” me. FYI, a curse is simply a repetitive negative thought directed at someone/something. And I’ve been feeling it a lot lately. Thankfully, I know how to shield myself and I know who to call on to clear that energy out of my field. And I know as I travel on my path, not everybody is going to agree with how I share myself or my intention to alter your existence so that you can experience a fulfilling life with more peace, love and abundance. I’m not sure WHY folks would want to live a life filled with suffering and negativity, other than that they feel that is the way they are ‘meant to live’, and/or their parents, ancestors and media has conditioned them to believe suffering, competition, hate, judgement and scarcity is ‘normal’. Well, the latter is actually truth for most of the world, sadly, and that’s also why there is a “shift” occurring this year. It is also the reason for the resurgence of Lightworkers. A Lightworker is a being/soul who carries their light brightly and embodies it as a means to empower and lift others to view their own light and live within it too. Everybody has a light inside of them, some just shine brighter than others depending on the path they’ve chosen to take. (You can read more about Lightworkers by clicking here and here.)

This is deep, yeah? I know you weren’t expecting me to go “THERE”, yet here we are!

As if I wasn’t sensitive enough already, I got a whole lot more KABAM and POW that has kicked in recently. I’ve also been having prophetic dreams (dreams that foretell the future), and most mornings when I wake up from these dreams, they have felt more like nightmares. Eeek! However, because of the path I’ve chosen to take, I can do something about them! And this is why I am here.

On my public Facebook page, I share “LEI LESSONS”, which are insights I’ve learned on my journey and feel could be of assistance to you on yours. Here is my latest LEI LESSON: WORDS.
Your words have a profound effect on the world. How you share yourself, what you say to others, how you ask a question, how you accept or decline an invitation, how you express your love, all of the words you say or even type on any social media site have a profound and reverberating effect. Start by using positive words to express yourself rather than affirming the negative. For example: “I don’t want to go to the party” could be expressed as “I need to take time for myself.” Or, “I don’t like her” could be “I resonate more with someone else.” Even the way you talk to yourself has a lasting effect! Instead of “I shouldn’t have done that, that was so stupid of me!” say “I’ve learned a valuable lesson and can choose differently in the future.” This does take practice and even I need to correct myself sometimes. Something that is also very common in our world is competition, which promotes hate, judgement and scarcity. Our world was not built on those principles and it’s time to re-learn love, peace, and abundance! What if instead of “hating on someone” you chose to “love on them”? It’s a simple choice of words that can make all the difference for you and for everyone in this world! Mahalo in advance for choosing newly and altering our existence with one another! ;) ♥

I came to sharing this ‘LESSSON’ because I have seen the impact that pics, quotes and other forms of expression have had on social media sites and in our daily lives. In social media especially, where things go viral in an instant, choosing positive words go a long way. Sadly, the opposite is true too. Personally, when I see a post with a negative connotation it’s almost as though I feel an electrical shock throughout my body.
When folks rip on celebrities, I go bananas. ‘Celebrities’ are human beings, just like you and me. They have dreams, they have life lessons, and they have feelings too. For some reason, the media, paparazzi and gossip magazines have given people the “OK” to berate, criticize and publicly judge them as though they deserve it because they have chosen the path of being an actor/actress/entertainer, etc. I ask you, whoever is reading this, would you say (whatever you’ve shared publicly or privately about a celebrity) to their face, if they were sitting right next to you? Would you be responsible for the words coming out of your mouth and how they could impact that person? By the way, even though I’m talking about celebrities here, this goes for everyone in your life, whether you consider them family, friends or foes. And, while we’re on the topic, celebrities ARE celebrities because as a society we have ‘celebrated’ them as being different. Whether you celebrate them positively or negatively, you are still acknowledging them as being separate from you. Just sayin’.
(And, FYI, I am not excluded from this. As I said in my LEI LESSON, it does take practice and even I need to correct myself sometimes.)

I created The Happy Channel to assist you in experiencing happiness on a daily basis. The place to go when you need a ‘pick-me-up’ and the place to share your joy and love with others. However, since I’ve launched I’ve noticed many people like the idea, but are not ready to embrace that it’s possible to experience happiness on a daily basis or fear what their friends might think if they joined a site all about being happy. “Oh My Gosh! What?! You want to be Happy??? What’s WRONG with you?!?!” LOL. Yet, many people do feel that way and it blows my mind that the majority prefers to suffer and will gladly contribute to suppress those who want to be happy.

This is false thinking people. This is the EGO mind running amuck and making new friends. You know the term, “there’s strength in numbers”? Well, this is a case where it is working against you. Just by a show of hands (or energetic arm raising while reading this), how many of you have experienced feeling good at least one time in your life and wished it could stay like that forever!? Feeling good, felt GOOD, right? Did you feel like you were on a high? Did you feel amazing? Did you enjoy yourself? Wouldn’t it be great if you could experience that more often? Well, it is all possible and when you’re ready to acknowledge that you want that and that you deserve to live a happy life, then your world will shift. It is TOTALLY POSSIBLE, you just need to believe, trust your inner guidance (you all have inner guidance – it’s that light at the end of the tunnel), and have faith that there is something out there for you that is beyond your wildest dreams! Do you have dreams? I’m not talking about the ones you have while sleeping. Do you have dreams of pursuing your passion? Do you even know what you are passionate about? Now would be a great time to take out a pen and paper and write down all the things you are passionate about, the things that make you smile, the things that make you feel good inside. You could write it as a list and you could write it as a letter to yourself. When you’re done, read it back to yourself and see how much of that is currently incorporated into your life as it looks right now. Is there anything you could change? Are you willing to take a leap of faith into the unknown and trust that something else is waiting for you on the other side? Often on my radio show with Tantra on Q103 Maui called, “Inspired Vibrations”, I’ve said, “Do what you love, do what makes you feel good.” Does eating cake make you feel good? Does exercising make you feel good about your body? Does eating cake while exercising make you feel even better? Haha. Find out what makes you feel good and run with that!

Okay, my time here is done for today. I’ve made my statement. Y’all know where I stand now. Oh, but in case you’re wondering how this relates to ‘Close Encounters of The Dream Kind’, I’m asking you to rediscover your dreams and pursue them. I want you to have VERY CLOSE encounters with your dreams. Get closer than you ever have before! Yup, that’s how it relates.

‘Til next time, thanks for reading and Happy Dreaming! :)


6 Comments on “It be that time…

  1. I just adore you! I’ve been meaning to reach out, you keep popping into mind, lately.
    I relate so much to what you’ve said here… ;) It’s always a breath of fresh air to read something you know or experience, even as just confirmation that you’re not nuts! lol

    • I love you too Carmita! Thank you so much for reading and commenting! And I am happy to be able to validate what you’ve been experiencing! :) <3

  2. Much of what you are saying here resonates with me. I feel ultra sensitive as well, but the beautiful part is that it has forces me to to be very real and authentic with everyone around me in a way that I can’t say I’ve ever done before. I usually dont tell people when I fell hurt. Your post also reminds me of something someone said to me..that your words cast a spell, so you must choose them wisely. Thus, where the word spelling comes from. If someone is constantly told something negative about themselves, then deep in their subconscious they will believe it and that will play a big role in how they see the world.

    • Mahalo Katie for your comment!
      I didn’t know about the origin of ‘spelling’, though that makes a lot of sense!
      And, being authentic with others allows them to be authentic in return. It is a courageous act of kindness and being vulnerable, so thank you! :)

  3. Lovely blog Lisa Eve – Look forward to more writings – call me if you want to hang in the ocean – it’s the best place for us sensitives at this time! Wonderful path you’re on – the only one to be on at this time – it’s been a long time coming!

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