A Big Deal

Aloha and mahalo to all the new followers! :)

In reference to my last post, The Path to Success, I wanted to share my latest newsletter (and blog post) that was shared with The Happy Channel community. I’m super grateful for all the press and acknowledgements of my work. It’s kinda a big deal for me! I’ve been working on this for 6 years, but really, all my life! ;)
Please be sure to read to the end, where I ask if YOU would like to be featured on the website, TheHappyChannel.com! ;)


The Happy Channel

The Happy Channel Is Making News!

May was a very exciting month for The Happy Channel!

If you read the last update, you know that we’ve been working on lots of changes to the site and getting the word out there!

Well, it’s working! If you’re not following us on Facebook or Twitter, then you may not have heard about the press we received last month.

Read on to find out what people are saying about TheHappyChannel.com!

SunnySkyz.com is Spreading the Happy!

“The Happy Channel’s mission is to bring smiles and positivity back to people’s lives in a simple, virtual way.”

Check out this short inspirational story on SunnySkyz.com: New Social Network Inspires Users to Get Happy 

(By the way, SunnySkyz is another great website all about lifting you up! They share only GOOD news, inspirational stories, funny pictures & videos! Yay!)

The Chicago Tribune, LA Times & WGN

The Chicago Tribune’s Jenniffer Weigel interviewed founder, Lisa Eve, on why she created one of the happiest places on the internet. You can view the full story, “Come on, get happy” on both The Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times websites!

Additionally, Chicago’s WGN Channel 9, aired a wonderful news segment highlighting The Happy Channel’s mission to create a happier internet! Click here to view the video clip!

Thank You New Members and Fans!

Thanks to all the great press coverage, we’ve seen tremendous growth on our Facebook page and we’d like to welcome all new members of the Community! Thank YOU for sharing your photos, videos and status updates with the world! Your contributions are helping to raise the vibration of the planet and inspire others to live happier lives! :)

More Goodies Coming Soon!

We’re so grateful for all the growth, all the changes, all the new faces, and more is still coming!

Would you like to be featured on The Happy Channel? It’s another platform for you to be seen, and right now it’s FREE! If you’re a DJ, Musician, Artist, Photographer, Blogger or have a company you’d like shared on the Links page, email: contact@thehappychannel.com your work/company/info for the possible opportunity to be featured!

‘Til next time, thanks for reading, do what makes you happy and share your joy with others! (They’ll be inspired!) :)

© 2013 The Happy Channel LLC. All Rights Reserved


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