As a Happy Channel…

As a Happy Channel, one would expect the channeler to be happy, yes?

Well, I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression, “We teach what we need to learn.” And I am no exception.

I am Lisa Eve; Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Intuitive, Visionary Entrepreneur, and I am The Happy Channel.

I began on a Spiritual journey in 2004 because I wanted freedom from the prison of my mind. I have worked my way up the deviant spiral, I’ll call my ego, so that I could experience life from a place of choosing. Choosing to live life on my terms, being responsible for my choices, and knowing and understanding that I have choice.

When I thought of the idea for The Happy Channel, it was really something I needed. Even though I saw the world at large needing inspiration, guidance and joy, I was someone who needed it too! So, by discovering what makes me happy, I could provide that for others as well.

What I had to confront last night was that I am not happy. I live on Maui, one of the most beautiful places on Earth, yet I feel so alone and I’m tired of fighting for my place here. Since I moved here almost 3 years ago, I feel like I’ve had to work to prove my worth and that I belong here. I was guided to Maui by a vision and I received messages along the way that validated I was on the path. So, I know Maui was meant to be one of my homes. Yet, many folks here judge you harshly on whether you qualify as “local” or as just passing through. I haven’t quite uncovered how many years makes you an acceptable “local.” I hear sometimes 5 years is the minimum benchmark that qualifies you, but for others, you had to be born here, or have direct Hawaiian heritage. And, you can’t just open a business here. I mean, I did it, but apparently, I’m supposed to prove myself to the community first that I have struggled, been on island for many years, and that my work is needed before receiving the “OK”. Since I’ve opened my office, random folk have shared their dislike, jealousy and rage for me and my business. There is so much competition and hate here, it’s insane.

I also had the epiphany that I am not doing what I love. While I love to be of service, I also love to travel, learn about different cultures and meet new people. Since I moved here, the only traveling I have done has been for studying and learning new modalities for my work, to visit family/friends or when I’ve had to force myself to take a vacation, because I would burn out (from working to prove my worth.)

Sadly, I lost sight of why I was truly brought here; to be happy. I remember thinking how much closer I am to seeing the rest of the world, now that Maui is home base. But I put all traveling on hold, all play time on hold because I allowed the conversations and judgements about how I had to prove myself to consume my life.
I’m tired of fighting. I’ve been seeking friendships to prove I’m lovable, and deserving to be here. I’ve been seeking someone to “save me” and be on my side.
The truth is, I’m the only one who can save myself. The only person I need to prove anything to, is myself. That’s really what it comes down to. This has nothing to do with other people. If I truly accept myself, just as I am, and know that I deserve to live a life I love and it’s okay for me to enjoy it, I won’t give a flying F*** what others think of me.

So last night when I had these epiphanies, I was asked by my guides, what do I want? And I said, I want to travel. I want to travel all over the world, visit with people in different cities and offer healing. I want to learn about other cultures and what they do for healing. I want to speak with and help people with my healing work where I’m needed.
I also want to help people to pursue their passions and grow their businesses. That’s a part of The Happy Channel already. I created the “THC Casting Call” because I support people wanting to live a life they love, while doing what they love.

My office space on Maui is beautiful, a place to receive healing and to relax. Yet, I’ve also envisioned selling products that can assist people on their paths. I already have an idea of the products and items I would sell. And maybe because I was so focused on proving myself and also needing a place to be of service, that I overlooked creating the space in a different way.

The great thing about life is that we can choose another path whenever we want. I made many mistakes when I was creating and opening my office space. And that’s okay. I’m ready to make a change, and I’m starting with the (wo)man in the mirror.

‘Til next time, thanks for reading & Happy Dreaming!


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