The Significance of This Year’s Winners on The Voice & The X Factor

World Music w/Wings

Yes! The World IS changing! There are beautiful souls with bright lights beginning to shine stronger and are helping us to keep the faith by leading the way with their authentic love.

What led me to believe this more than ever was the win of Tessanne Chin on The Voice, followed by the win of Alex & Sierra on The X Factor.

I’m not particularly in favor of any type of contest where people are competing to be the “best” because ultimately, this leads to issues with ego and security/insecurity. We are all winners, truthfully of our own rite, just because we are here, living in this time.

The world we are living in has for many years, been corrupted and dark. What’s been missing is love (for ourselves) and loving one another. At the same time, we all have dreams, and it’s important we go after our dreams. Otherwise, what is the point to us being here? When we fulfill our dreams, we inspire others to do the same, and this creates much joy and excitement in our hearts, that naturally we want to share with others. And when the cycle repeats itself, anything is possible!
And this is why I feel so much gratitude and joy to see Tessanne Chin & Alex Kinsey & Sierra Deaton fulfill their dreams. It was above all, their passion, courage, humility, gratitude and genuine love that I feel and believe led to their success. And as a country we are beginning to ‘get it’. Of course, their voices are all incredible, and what set them apart from the other contestants, for me, was that their hearts were leading them, not their egos. It wasn’t about fighting and beating out other contestants. It wasn’t about being better. It wasn’t about ‘I deserve this the most’. It WAS because all three of them love to sing, love to perform, love to reach others with their voices, and they did just that. All three contestants were in awe of their win and so very grateful. That’s special. And that we (whoever voted and supported them) could be a part of their dreams coming true, is an example of what’s possible when we come together from the heart.

Let me start with the significance of Tessanne Chin and why her win is such a BIG deal, for all of us, and for Jamaica.

My first trip to Jamaica was in 2007, and I stayed in Montego Bay. Though I could see the poverty that existed, I wasn’t exposed to much of it, as I stayed for only a few days and never made it past MoBay. Even though my stay was short, I knew I’d be back. I’d fallen in love with Reggae in ’89, when I heard Bob Marley for the first time at a summer camp. I was a youngster, but knew Reggae, Bob Marley & Jamaica had a place in my heart. I returned to JA in ’08, and had such an incredible experience, that I subsequently returned 5 more times between ’08 and ’12. It was on these return trips that I met many wonderful people and had the chance to see other parts of the island. Just a note, from my experience, Jamaicans in general are kind-hearted people. There is lots of strife and struggle in JA, and just like everybody else, they have dreams of a better life. And when you see how many people live; in shacks, homes with bars on windows, or even just watching kids walking miles to and from school, it’s heart-breaking. Though one thing I noticed as a consistent thread is that Jamaicans love their music. Go to a club, and when a song comes on that is a favorite, watch the place go crazy. You can hear music just about anywhere. Blasting out of cars parked on the side of the road, blasting out of cars racing by on the road, and in most food establishments and places of business. Just like in the States when people invest in good sound systems for their homes and cars, it is even more apparent in Jamaica. Often, cars will just park on the side of the road, blasting music out of their trunks, setting up a party wherever they are. You don’t have to go to the club to get your dance on. Just grab some jerk chicken from a cart on the side of the road and hang out.

It was in ’08 that I was introduced to Tessanne’s music and was instantly a fan. There was something about the softness, and expression in her music that I identified with. Her collaboration with KES the Band on the single, “Loving You” became one of my favorite songs. So, when I found out she was on The Voice, I tuned in. I was ecstatic. I thought, #TeamAdam will win because of #Tessanne. I just knew it was her time. It was also her time because she is an Earth Angel. For anyone who knows her, or if you’ve watched her on the show, you’ve had a chance to see her personality shine through and see, she is an Angel. An angel of light and love. She represents so much of what we need in this world; authentic kindness, compassion, humility, gratitude and most of all, she has a beautiful and BIG heart that she shares with everyone.  In addition, she didn’t give up on her dreams and accepted help when it came her way. Shaggy offered her an opportunity, and she took it. She is an incredible role model for women everywhere,  for the people of Jamaica, for aspiring singers and especially for young Jamaican girls with big dreams.

So, on her big night, something beautiful and amazing was taking place in her home of Kingston, JA. Several of her fans and supporters gathered in the streets to watch the results. Watch this video to see their reaction. It is truly touching and moving.

I was moved to tears when she won and when I saw this video. And it was undoubtedly the many Jamaican and Caribbean communities in the US that also supported and united for this win. I can only imagine all the parties that were held all over the world to watch the Final results show.

Karlene Largie, president of The Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations in New York said this beautifully, “Our actions directly affected the outcome, and we should take some time to seriously think about what we did as a people…”

How true. And if you do think about it, our actions are always directly affecting the outcome. If we want to see change, in either direction, we have the power to make it happen! This is just one example.

Tessanne’s welcome home, back to JA was captured on video with this press conference. I felt it was worth sharing as additional validation that what we do makes a difference for others.

With regards to Alex & Sierra’s win on The X Factor, it was another wonderful acknowledgment, following Tessanne’s win, that as a country, we are honoring what matters. Alex & Sierra were consistent. Consistent with their voices, consistently humble with their advances, consistently grateful and consistently interested in authentically doing their best. They were also consistently there for each other. The love they shared was evident and touching. They weren’t competitive, they were just happy to be there and their support of one another was beautiful.

What a difference that makes when you are working towards fulfilling your dreams. To just be happy and grateful to see your dreams play out by continuing to deliver the best you can in any given moment makes the journey special. It’s also important to have support, to feel like what you do, makes a difference. So, support those you believe in, support those with whom you resonate, and support the products you like and enjoy!

The world is changing. We can do this and we are making a difference!

I am truly grateful for being able to witness and be a part of these three beautiful and loving artists shine their light for the world to see. Thank you Tessanne Chin, thank you Alex Kinsey, and thank you Sierra Deaton. I am humbled & inspired by your grace, gratitude and love and I wish you continued success for many years to come. (I’ll be listening!!!) :)

Perfect song to conclude this post: My Generation – Nas & Damian Marley ft. Joss Stone & Lil’ Wayne

‘Til next time, thanks for reading and keep on DREAMING! :)


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