Australia, Thank You.

So, as you know, my journey to Australia was a big one. I left off in Uluru and now we continue to Alice Springs.
(Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check my previous post.)
I only did a quick 2 nights in Alice Springs. I wasn’t sure what I was doing there, I just knew I was supposed to go.
For those of you who have never been, it’s a very small town/city. It’s very different than anything I’ve ever experienced. And I found something to do, visit the Alice Springs Reptile Centre!

I was really excited about this. I have a natural affinity for lizards. I don’t know what it is, I just know that when I see them, I want to hold them, give ’em a kiss and be in their presence for hours. Same is true when the geckos enter my home. I get excited like I have a pet and want to look after them. (I haven’t felt that with the crocs and gators though.) ;)
Anyway, the Reptile Centre also had snakes, which I’m not as fond of. But, there was a ‘holding’ session while I was there, so I thought I might get over my fear and hold one. And I lived to tell about it, so I guess it’s all good.

Here are some pictures of my wonderful visit!

"You talkin' to me?" "Yes, Yes I am." :)

“You talkin’ to me?” “Yes, yes I am.” :)


(Click on the photo to enlarge.)

If this lizard could talk... "Um, can I help you?" "Oh, you're getting quite close..." "Ok, pucker up, I"m ready for my kiss." ;)

If this lizard could talk…
“Hi, can I help you?”
“Oh, you want a close-up?”
“Ok, how’s this? And I’m ready for my kiss.” ;)


I flew into Adelaide and knew I had something to accomplish there. There was no way I was going to leave Australia without having held a Koala or see a Kangaroo. The Gorge Wildlife Park in Cudlee Creek was on my to do list. But I had so many days there. I planned to be in Adelaide for 5 days and other than the wildlife park I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. So, I decided to ask the Angels and pulled an Angel card from an app on my phone. I got “Maya.” Here’s what the card read, “Schooling, study, and education help your life’s purpose and personal growth at this time. The angels will guide you and help you with this process.”
Schooling? Education? I further inquired with Maya as I thought I was on vacation and wasn’t meant to study and take a class. But she offered that a class could be fun and I could learn something new, a new tool I could add to my tool basket. So I went online and Googled “Spiritual classes Adelaide.” And it wasn’t the first link I clicked on, but on the second, there happened to be a Numerology class being offered over the weekend, and it perfectly fit into my timeline for my stay there. I followed up with the teacher, and of course, there was a spot available! I was meant to be there! So my first 2 days in Adelaide were spent learning about Numerology. I had always been fascinated with numbers, especially when I’d see certain sequences on the clock like 11:11 or 2:22. And I’ve learned over the years about Angel Numbers, so this was just a nice addition, and I met nice new people! (Interested in Numerology? I recommend contacting William Carter. He was my instructor and an excellent source of information!)

On Monday, after the class ended, I was off to Gorge Wildlife Park. All my dreams came true there! I held a Koala, fed a bunch of Kangaroos and Wallabies, I had a lovely ‘conversation’ with a black leopard, and met so many lovely birds. I was in animal heaven! I took MANY pictures, so without further adieu, here’s an introduction to Gorge Wildlife Park!

Roos & Wallabies  (Feeding Time)

Roos & Wallabies
(Feeding Time)


Falcon, Hawk, & Eagle!*

I love all varieties of birds!

I love all varieties of birds!

Who loves Meerkats???

Who loves Meerkats???

And we conclude our wildlife tour here...

And we conclude our wildlife tour here…
Cotton top Tamarins & a Black Leopard.*

The Great Ocean Road

I flew back into Melbourne, though let me tell you, I really wanted to drive. I heard that the Great Ocean Road was worth the drive from Adelaide to Melbourne or the other way. I was too nervous to drive on the left, so I flew back and scheduled a 1-day tour that stopped at a few of the known highlights. So here’s what I saw!

First stop: Bells Beach. This is a famous location for surfing, and caught a surfer leaving the water. Lastly, beautiful coastline of the Great Open Road Arch at Eastern View.

First stop: Bells Beach. This is a famous location for surfing, and the Rip Curl Pro is held here every Easter. Next, a surfer leaving the water at Bells Beach.
Lastly, beautiful shoreline from the Great Open Road Arch at Eastern View.

Clockwise from top: Sleeping Koala, London Bridge, 12 Apostles, Otway Park

More stops on the tour…
Clockwise from top left: Sleeping Koala, London Bridge, Great Otway National Park, 12 Apostles.

Thank goodness it was a beautiful day and not too hot. It was adventurous to take this on in one day. I highly recommend taking a leisurely drive over a few days if you have the time, and really soak up all the beauty that surrounds the coastline.

Back to Melbourne

I had a few days left in Melbourne after and I took one day to walk all over the city and get lost, and the last two to relax.

Australia was amazing.
In total, I took 8 intra-country flights. I flew on both Virgin Australia & Qantas and had very good experiences.

What I loved about Australia:
1. The people. Everyone was friendly, helpful, kind, considerate, and approachable. Even when one flight was grounded for over an hour, everyone was chill, relaxed and easy going.
2. Health & Well-Being. A healthy lifestyle including eating organic, using natural ingredients and maintaining physical fitness seems to be mainstream & the norm in Australia. (Compared to the US, where it feels like we still have to fight to get healthy foods onto the store shelves.)
3. Environmentalism. As with Health & Well-Being, there is a focus on doing their part to save the Earth. All the electrical outlets have switches to turn on & off. So, even if you leave your appliance plugged in, and you’re not using it, you can turn off the current. Brilliant. And, the toilet flush has two options. One for less waste (less water) & one for more waste (more water), but the amount of water used is still on the conservative side.

Thank You Australia!

Overall, I have to thank Australia. I learned so much about commitment, action, generosity, patience & trust. One month was perfect for a taste, and I’ll definitely be back as there’s more to explore in the north & west.
A lot of people have asked me which part was my favorite or which city did I enjoy most? And I have to say that each city, each experience had great moments that I’m unable to compare to the others. I’m just grateful that I committed to taking this travel, marking a new start for a New Year by fulfilling a few more dreams.

‘Til next time, thanks for reading & Happy Dreaming! :)


P.S. *Have I misrepresented any animals? Please let me know!


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